Dream Studio workshops are small, intimate gatherings where we cultivate creativity.
I share about my personal creative journey and how it evolved over time.
I lead exercises that spark creativity and quiet the inner critic. Together we brainstorm ideas and conceptualize how their dream creative projects can be brought to life.


While other moms were busy taking their kids to soccer games or ballet recitals, I spent my weekends exposing my girls to entrepreneurship. Neither of them was sporty, so I had to come up with an alternative way for them to develop resilience, a growth mindset and a belief in themselves and their abilities.

Together we brainstormed ideas, and I helped the girls shape them into bigger concepts and marketable products. Monki Lemonade, Lunastella and Oliolly are all entrepreneurial projects that came to life in our household.


Our Past Initiatives

Monki Lemonade was founded by my younger daughter, Amaya, when she was in fourth grade and enjoyed getting creative in the kitchen. She started making lemonade to take to school and shared that she and her friends couldn’t get enough. What she hadn’t realized was that she was making the lemonade with monk fruit sweetener, not regular white sugar. I was thrilled that her lemonade was low glycemic, didn’t spike her blood sugar and tasted delicious.

Amaya started making and bottling the lemonade in our kitchen and sold it at kids’ fairs, school festivals and local markets. Amaya learned how to turn an idea into a business and I enjoyed guiding her.

Monki Lemonade



Join us for upcoming workshops where we help ideate on the passions or dream projects within you. 

"Ideation Workshop By Ali Mejia"

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